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Steinecke Maciura LeBlanc (SML) assists regulators in all areas of professional regulation. Our award-winning lawyers have extensive experience acting as general counsel, prosecutor and independent legal counsel for regulators across the province.

We provide trusted advice to professional, trade and industry regulators about how to better serve the public interest. Our team of knowledgeable and engaging lawyers are experienced in registration and licensing, governance, investigations, discipline, incapacity and appeals. Our lawyers regularly appear at all levels of court in Ontario.

Services provided:

  • General Counsel
  • Prosecution Services
  • Independent Legal Counsel
  • Education & Training
  • Governance & Regulatory Reform
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Meet the members of our team, experienced lawyers, law clerks and staff dedicated to their work.

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One Appeal or Two?

Many discipline panels conduct their hearings in two parts. The first deals with the merits of the allegations (also known as the “finding” stage). If

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Integrity Testing

A constable “was assigned to maintain the perimeter security at a crime scene. He entered the crime scene, leaving its perimeter insecure, and took $300

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Void for Vagueness

Law has many pithy expressions that refer to complex legal concepts. For example, the phrase “intrusion upon seclusion” refers to the tort of invading someone’s

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SML Law has published the Grey Areas newsletter since July 1992. Articles typically deal with recent developments in professional regulation, analysis of recent studies, examination of recent cases and scrutiny of recent legislation. There are ten to twelve issues distributed per year to over 1,500 subscribers, with more subscribers added each month.

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