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Delaying Registration

There has been a recent emphasis on the need to process registration applications quickly. In Ontario, legislative timelines are imposed on regulators. The impact of

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Considering the Response

The three principles of procedural fairness for regulators are: give notice, provide an opportunity to respond, and then consider the response. Most challenges to regulatory

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Publishing Allegations

In recent decades there has been a shift in thinking about whether regulators should publish pending allegations of misconduct. Years ago, there was concern that

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Stays Just Got Harder to Obtain

Once a final regulatory decision has been made, a registrant can usually appeal or seek judicial review. Such challenges take time. At least months. An

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Regulation by Objectives

The Interprofessional Council of Quebec has released a major study on the overarching approach to regulating professions. It is written by professors Popescu and Issalys

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Sanctioning Sparseness

It is, unfortunately, not uncommon for some applicants to use the protected title and begin practising before the application for registration is completed. Regulators struggle

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