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Not “Bogging Down” Investigations

Yet another court has emphasized the minimal nature of procedural requirements for regulatory investigators requiring cooperation from registrants and witnesses: Brar v. British Columbia (Securities

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Respecting the Rules

Hearing tribunals can make rules of procedure for parties to follow. While tribunals sometimes consult on changes to their rules, they alone have the authority

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Real and Substantial Connection

It is generally accepted that regulators have authority over the conduct of their registrants regardless of where that conduct occurs. What is less clear is

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Obstruction by Retaliation

The expression that the best defence is a good offence does not necessarily apply in the professional regulation context. In Bégin v. Chartered professional accountants (Ordre

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The 25,000 Page Brief

When an unrepresented party files voluminous materials and makes lengthy arguments, regulators have a challenge in distilling the central issues. For example, in Fisher v.

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Deference and Decision Writing

When a medical regulator imposes restrictions on the registration of an anesthesiologist following adverse events, including concerns about inattention to patients and possible fabrication of

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Drawing the Line

Not every imprudent action by a registrant constitutes professional misconduct. At some point the conduct is “an understandable error” or “too trivial” to reach that

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