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The Business Did It

Business structures for registrants are quickly evolving in many sectors. Accountability for registrants is sometimes disputed where only the individuals, and not the business entities

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A Suspension Is a Suspension

Ontario’s Divisional Court has upheld a finding that a registrant engaged in professional misconduct by trying to circumvent the impact of a suspension. In Casella

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Couldn’t Disagree More

Can a regulator make a finding of professional misconduct against a registrant based largely on the evidence of a witness who has a strong motivation

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Competence is Not a Defence

It is not a defence to an allegation of illegal practice that one provides excellent services. In College of Dental Technologists v. Ahmed, 2024 ONSC

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Duty to Cooperate Immediately

The message from Ontario’s highest court to regulated professionals under investigation is to cooperate first and ask questions later. In College of Physicians and Surgeons

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Integrity Gatekeepers

Seventy pieces of Ontario legislation provide for regulators of professions and industries to scrutinize the integrity of applicants for registration or licensure. Ontario’s Divisional Court

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From Whose Perspective?

As the saying goes, perspective is everything. What lens should a regulator use when assessing whether a school play presented to Grade 8 students about

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When is a Complaint Serious?

Most bodies that screen complaints use a variation of a two-part test in determining whether a discipline hearing is indicated: Is the complaint serious enough

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