Ontario Launches Red Tape Challenge

The Ontario government is attempting a new form of consultation. It is online. It permits anonymous submissions. And it looks at one sector of activity at a time (rather than at a specific program or regulator). The stated goal of the initiative is to develop: “modern, outcome-focused and evidence-based regulations…By reducing the burden to business while protecting consumers, workers and the environment, Ontario is helping to create the right climate to create jobs and grow the economy.” Six sectors have been selected for sequential review over the next two years. Two of those sectors, financial services and forestry, involve professional regulators. While one tends to be cynical of any government activity that uses the words “red tape” and while one wonders what will happen to any proposals for reform as they make their way through the affected Ministries and stakeholders, this may still be worth watching. For more information, see: https://www.ontario.ca/page/red-tape-challenge?_ga=1.34876449.1445893852.1456780114

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