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SML is a leader in professional regulation and one of the most well-recognized firms in the area. Founded in 1997, SML has been proudly serving the regulatory community for over 25 years. We understand that regulators need expert, sensitive, practical and innovative legal advice to regulate effectively and better serve the public interest.

We are exclusively dedicated to the complexities of professional regulation and offer a wide breadth of services. Our lawyers are sought-after speakers and author several seminal texts on regulation, including A Complete Guide to the Regulated Health Professions Act, The Annotated Statutory Powers Procedure Act and our Grey Areas newsletter.

Please note that we do not represent or defend practitioners of any regulated profession.
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Our Services

General Counsel

As General Counsel, we help regulators establish solid processes, proactively problem solve and find practical solutions when challenges arise. Services include training for committees and staff, strategic planning, navigating new legislation, drafting regulations and by-laws, advising on policy and procedure, attending council and committee meetings, responding to Court proceedings, and more.

Prosecution Services

We are skilled advocates. Our lawyers conduct hearings with the highest level of fairness. SML is comfortable handling the most challenging discipline and incapacity cases, and take a trauma-informed approach to prosecution. As prosecutors, we support regulators throughout the lifespan of a file, including assessing evidence, drafting allegations, preparing witnesses for a hearing, and presenting evidence and arguments at a hearing. Our lawyers are also experienced appellate advocates and have appeared at all levels of Court in Ontario.

Independent Legal Counsel

Discipline and incapacity hearings are highly technical and adversarial proceedings. As independent legal counsel (ILC), we assist hearing committees navigate these processes. ILC is separate from both the prosecution and the defence. Services include training about the hearing process, assistance at pre-hearing conferences, advice during the hearing itself, reviewing draft reasons for decision, and more.

Education & Training

SML is committed to education. We regularly provide training to regulators on a wide variety of topics, including risk management, how to handle a complaint, how to conduct an investigation, how to conduct a hearing, how to write reasons, and recent development in the law. Sessions are tailor-made to a regulator’s needs and can target new and existing council, board or committee members, regulatory staff, investigators, practitioners or students.

Governance & Regulatory Reform

Effective regulation requires good governance. Regulators must ensure that the right policies are in place, oversight is effective and regulatory activities are in the public interest. SML can assist with a governance audit. Services include reviewing strategies and implementation, providing training for senior staff and management, advising on industry specific or governmental requirements, developing effective board recruitment processes, and implementing effective governance policies. Our team is uniquely placed to help regulators enhance their effectiveness and stay ahead of the curve of change.