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Abrametz: Ten Years Later

More than ten years ago, Peter Abrametz, a Saskatchewan lawyer, was investigated with respect to misleading trust fund transactions and loans made to his clients.

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A Reasonable Sanction

A Justice of the Peace (the JP) intervened several times when her son was charged with failing to yield before a traffic collision. The interventions

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Hot on the Heels

Legislative reform for the regulation of professions in Canada seems to be gathering pace. Some of the themes contained in British Columbia’s Health Professions and

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Conduct Unbecoming

What do the following scenarios have in common? A physician has a meltdown at a school concert and acts in a hostile and aggressive manner

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Altering the Allegations

Once a matter has been referred to discipline, how much leeway does the regulator have to reword the allegations? That issue arose in Moodley v.

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One Appeal or Two?

Many discipline panels conduct their hearings in two parts. The first deals with the merits of the allegations (also known as the “finding” stage). If

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Integrity Testing

A constable “was assigned to maintain the perimeter security at a crime scene. He entered the crime scene, leaving its perimeter insecure, and took $300

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Void for Vagueness

Law has many pithy expressions that refer to complex legal concepts. For example, the phrase “intrusion upon seclusion” refers to the tort of invading someone’s

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