Revocation Stayed but Publication Continues Pending Appeal

Where a discipline finding is made and a sanction is imposed, it is common for the practitioner to seek a stay of the sanction until the appeal is concluded. The usual three part test is generally applied (i.e., serious issue to be tried, irreparable harm, balance of convenience). However, such an application is not always an all or nothing proposition. In Houghton v Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, 2019 ONSC 3909 <> a land surveyor was revoked for integrity concerns. It was his third discipline finding. His motion to stay the sanction succeeded because of the harm that would result to his practice. However, the regulator was permitted to proceed with the publication of the finding both because the practitioner had already communicated it to some people and to respect the open court principles that underlie both the discipline hearing itself and the appeal.

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